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Welcome to my children's storytelling podcast.  

My name is Kathleen T. Pelley, and I am a picture book author, storyteller, and speaker.

I was born in Glasgow, Scotland, a country famous for its heather-dappled mountains, lochs, tartan, shaggy highland cattle, soggy summer days, and of course - a veritable treasure chest of stories.

My own passion for stories stemmed before I could even read or write, by listening to them on the radio during the BBC Children's Story Hour.  It was there that I fell in love with the music of our language and the magic of stories.

I hope you will find some stories here to enchant your children into the marvelous world of STORY!

You can learn more about my podcast on the ABOUT page.




Sep 21, 2023

A lazy lad must solve the riddle his father has given him if he wants to find a bride to marry. But will he be able to find the answer for what to buy with one paise?  An episode from Journey with Story a storytelling podcast for kids ages 4-10.  (duration - 10 minutes)

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Aug 31, 2023

Enjoy all of this month's episodes in our bonus playlist.


E235 - How the Bear Clan Learned to Heal

E236 - The Elephant and the Dog

E237 -Mister Lazybones

E238 - The Cat and the Parrot


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Aug 24, 2023

A cat and a parrot agree to invite each other to dinner, but it turns out the cat is very greedy and rather mean, and so dinner is not quite what the parrot had expected! A fun folktale from India for Kids ages 4-10.  An episode from storytelling podcast, Journey with Story.  (duration 11 minutes)

The British Podcast...

Aug 10, 2023

When an elephant and a dog become the best of friends, a greed animal keeper sells the dog and they are both brokenhearted.  How will the two friends become re-united.  A touching tale from India about the power of friendship. An episode from storytelling podcast, Journey with Story.  (duration:9 minutes)


The British...

Aug 3, 2023

A Native American folktale that explains how the Bear Clan become the tribe chosen to receive from the Spirit the gift of healing knowledge.  An episode from storytelling podcast, Journey with Story.  (duration - 8 minutes)


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