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Welcome to my children's storytelling podcast.  

My name is Kathleen T. Pelley, and I am a picture book author, storyteller, and speaker.

I was born in Glasgow, Scotland, a country famous for its heather-dappled mountains, lochs, tartan, shaggy highland cattle, soggy summer days, and of course - a veritable treasure chest of stories.

My own passion for stories stemmed before I could even read or write, by listening to them on the radio during the BBC Children's Story Hour.  It was there that I fell in love with the music of our language and the magic of stories.

I hope you will find some stories here to enchant your children into the marvelous world of STORY!

You can learn more about my podcast on the ABOUT page.




Jan 28, 2021

Theseus, son of the King of Athens, sets off to save the youth of Athens from the fierce Minotaur beast who lives inside a maze on the island of Crete.  A great story to introduce children to Greek mythology and celebrate a brave hero.  (Duration 9 minutes) An episode from Journey with story, a storytelling podcast for...

Jan 21, 2021

Long ago, Possum once had a beautiful bushy tail that was his pride and joy, but so boastful did he become that one day Rabbit decides to teach Possum a lesson.  A Native American Folktale.  (duration 8 minutes)  An episode from Journey with Story, a storytelling podcast for kids.

Jan 14, 2021

This baby elephant has an "insatiable curiosity" and when he asks his family what the crocodile eats for dinner, no one will tell him and so he sets off to find out for himself.  A classic Rudyard Kipling tale (adapted by Kathleen) that explains the origin of the elephant's trunk.  (duration 14 minutes)  An episode from...

Jan 7, 2021

When a little boy loses his mitten in the snow it becomes a cozy home for the woodland animals, as one by one, they squeeze inside making room for one another until finally it bursts spilling them all out into the snow. A folktale from Ukraine.  (duration - 11 minutes)  An episode from Journey with Story, a storytelling...