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Welcome to my children's storytelling podcast.  

My name is Kathleen T. Pelley, and I am a picture book author, storyteller, and speaker.

I was born in Glasgow, Scotland, a country famous for its heather-dappled mountains, lochs, tartan, shaggy highland cattle, soggy summer days, and of course - a veritable treasure chest of stories.

My own passion for stories stemmed before I could even read or write, by listening to them on the radio during the BBC Children's Story Hour.  It was there that I fell in love with the music of our language and the magic of stories.

I hope you will find some stories here to enchant your children into the marvelous world of STORY!

You can learn more about my podcast on the ABOUT page.




Nov 30, 2023

Enjoy all of this month's episodes in our special bonus playlist.  An episode from storytelling podcast, Journey with Story for kids, ages 4-10.  (duration 40 minutes)

E245 - Why Crocodile Does Not Eat Hen

E246 - The Sugar Mouse Cake by Gene Zion

E247 - Four Questions

E 248 - Quartet of Poems by Emily Dickinson

If you...

Nov 30, 2023

A Scottish tale about an old man who sets out with a grain of barley to try and trick a lot of people into helping him make his fortune, but it doesn't turn out quite as well as he had hoped.  A BONUS episode to celebrate St. Andrew's Day, from storytelling podcast Journey with Story for kids ages 4-10.  (duration 12...

Nov 23, 2023

Celebrate Thanksgiving with this quartet of poems by Emily Dickenson that celebrate the magic and miracles of our everyday world, and remind us to be thankful for the beauty of nature.  (duration 8 minutes). An episode from storytelling podcast, Journey with Story for ages 4-10.

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Nov 16, 2023

A  Chinese folktale about a poor young man who makes some promises that are hard to keep as it means he cannot get what he most wants when he seeks help from the Wise Man on the Holy Mountain.  (duration 10 minutes)

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Nov 9, 2023

Tom, the pastry chef and his pet mouse, Tina are the best of friends.  But when Tom makes a sugar mouse cake for the royal baking contest using Tina as one of the mice, things go terribly wrong and he has to find a way to save his beloved pet.  A classic picture book written in 1964 by Gene Zion.  (duratioin 20...